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When you see the letters CPMR after the name of a manufacturers’ representative, it signals completion of a three-level on-campus executive course designed to enhance professionalism and productivity for the representative’s firm, as well as for principals and customers.

CPMR-designated representatives have taken positive action to earn the right to use those four letters after their names. Their reasons are both internal and external – to improve their own performance and knowledge base, but also to demonstrate to business colleagues the extra degree of commitment that certification confers.

Just as the CPA has pursued education and demonstrated proficiency beyond that of just any accountant, so too the CPMR has taken courses, passed examinations, and shown a drive for excellence beyond the ordinary. The CPMR designation provides positive assurance to principals and customers alike that a representative exemplifies the highest standard within the sales profession. He or she is a Certified Professional Manufactures Representative.

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Manufacturers’ Representatives
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